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For families, students and professionals alike, we offer to be the one-stop shop for all your long and short term accommodation needs. No matter what your budget or location preferences are, our team can help you eliminate the hours of online research and find the perfect rental home, without costing you an extra dime! 

Wide range of options

Our wide range of 50+ rental units includes everything from a 1-bedroom studio to large 7 bedroom townhouses, from condos to detached townhouses. Our portfolio will be sure to offer you the perfect rental that meets your unique set of requirements. 

Single/Sharing rooms

Even if you are in the market looking for a single or sharing room, we have you covered. Our special student-friendly houses offer flexible, easy-on the pocket options as well. 

Utilities Included

Most of our units come with all utilities such as hydro, water, internet etc. included in the monthly rental, making things affordable and hassle-free. 

Furnished Options

Explore our segment of fully furnished houses to avoid the expenses and logistical issues related with setting up furniture. 

Quarantine Stays

The pandemic has changed our lives and  the we do business forever. We now offer quarantine stays as well, in accordance to all government guidelines. 


Choose from our wide range of Airbnbs to meet you short term accommodation requirements, whenever they arise.