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Homeowners & Investors

As your realty partners, we cover the entire spectrum of tenant/rental management so you just get a check in the mail every month while you see your investment grow. We are also here to advise you latest market trends so you know when and how much to buy or sell.

Tenant Management 

Everything from advertising listings, hosting open houses, finding and vetting tenants all the way to micro-managing their needs and conflicts. 

Return on Investment

Using professional management tools and our online reach, we try to minimize vacany rates and maximize your returns.


Our experts take care of all legal obligations involved in rentals and sale/purchase such as vetting, claims, lease documents etc. 

Maintenance & Repairs

With an in-house team of contractors, handymen and cleaners, we make sure that your property gets the timely care that it deserves.

'Always in for-sale condition'

Regular Inspections

Conducting regular inspections helps keeps things check and in the long run helps minimize the risk of any damage. 

Market Research

We keep you up-to-date with the market trends so that you know when to increase/decrease rents and when to buy/sell investments.